Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 6th OBES Congress 2021! 

Our theme this year of "Journey of Obesity through the COVID-19 Pandemic” shall focus on people living with obesity in these troubled times. The year of 2020 started us on a harrowing journey through the global pandemic, and 2021 has shown us that our destination may be farther than we thought. Life is off-kilter; change comes swiftly and without warning.  We invite you to be travel companions to people living with obesity, to navigate the COVID-19 landscape together – adjusting, adapting and acclimatizing to the ever-evolving challenges faced.

Our unwavering commitment to advocate for people living with obesity holds strong. We are humbled and grateful to see like-minded comrades come together at this year's OBES to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and continue to support people living with obesity through a better understanding of the multitude of challenges they constantly face. 

Unity is strength. We are glad to be on this Journey of Obesity through the COVID-19 Pandemic with you. On behalf of the organizing committee, we sincerely hope you will enjoy the program we have planned for you!

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June Lee

Stanley Liew

Tham Kwang Wei                               

Tham Kw
June Lee
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